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Meeting with prospective students of the international medical faculty.

KMU is continuously achieving its goal to attract more international students to study at the University and, therefore, creating the international atmosphere within the school.  This year we have started the student’s admission campaign early.  More than 20 students from various countries are already in Ukraine and learning medical Russian terminology even though the language of instructions for them will be English.
The launch of the English medium studying in the Medical Faculty shall commence on September 1st, 2015.   On 6th March the International Medical Faculty organized a presentation which was attended by about 20 Ghanaian students who are currently studying at the Preparatory Faculty.
The presentation offered them the chance to learn more about the clinical hospitals, centers, institutions and other facilities of the university and offered the students the chance to interact with the top hierarchy of the university such as the Rector Prof.Tumanov A.Victor and the President of KMU Dr. Alexander Pokanevych as well as other deans from various departments.

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XXV урочистий випуск лікарів та провізорів
Початок заходу 23 червня о 11:00
18 Червня 2021
Битва найкмітливіших “Що? Де? Коли? КМУ!” 25 червня!
КОЛИ? - 25 червня о 18:00
ДЕ? - ACTIVE LEARNING HALL (лекційна зала № 224)
Головний корпус Київського медичного університету, вул. Бориспільська, 2.
08 Червня 2021
Запрошуємо на День відкритих дверей
День відкритих дверей відбудеться у OFFLINE-форматі 25 червня 2021 року о 16:00 за адресою: вул. Бориспільська, 2.
11 Червня 2021
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