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Students of the International faculty celebrated Maslenitsa

On March 13, our international students joined the celebration Maslenitsa, an ancient folk holiday that is dedicated to saying farewell to winter and the arrival of spring. The main symbol of Maslenitsa is cooking blini (pancakes), because our ancestors believed that the pancake symbolizes the sun.

Students of the International faculty were happy to celebrate Maslenitsa in the dormitory. A master class on making pancakes with different fillings was held for them. In addition, the organizers have prepared fun entertainment and themed photo area for the participants.

Kyiv Medical University takes care of international students in every possible way and creates the most comfortable conditions for them so that they feel comfortable while being away from home. In particular, our students are actively involved in Ukrainian traditions, which helps them to better integrate into our national cultural space.

We thank the organizers for an interesting and fun holiday! Special thanks to the Department of Ukrainian and Latin Languages (headed by Tamara Kiryk, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor).

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