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Kyiv Medical University (KMU) is TOP-ranked University in Ukraine and also a leader and pioneer of medical education. We have long ago chosen integration with the European Education Area as the vector of our development. That is why we are the only Ukrainian university that partially relocated our student and teaching community to Poland after the start of the full-scale invasion.

The purpose of establishing the KMU Polish Campus is to guarantee security and fulfil the right to receive a quality education of international level. Our community includes 4 000 students and residents, 900 employees and thousands of alumni.

KMU is fully integrated into the EU educational, scientific, and medical systems through its officially registered branch within the Republic of Poland (Bytom).  

Lots of governmental and non-governmental organizations, including the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Ministry of Education and Science of Poland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Silesian local governments are showed their solidarity towards KMU Mission of Saving the Next Generation of Healthcare Workers being trained in Ukraine.  They strongly support us; have faith in us, in our mission, and in our values, so as you do!  

In this past years, the dedicated KMU team felt lots of pressure and responsibility because together with you, we were taking the path that no one had gone through before in such a short period of time and we were doing it during the time of war in our country.  But we had the aim to create all the conditions for each member of our community allowing everyone to look at the future more confidently, even being far from home.  We know that only here in Poland, through the KMU Polish Campus, we could create environment for safe learning and effective teaching for students and educators.  Who, if not Kyiv Medical University could achieve it!?

Poland is one of our most powerful partners and friends.  They were the first to come to help and they will remain with us till our Victory.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank our Polish friends and partners from the state authorities, local governments, business, medical, teaching community for providing an opportunity for students being trained in Ukraine to have the meaning of life and opportunity to pursue the dream of becoming the Healthcare Worker of the New Generation.  

We would like to stress your attention that by successfully taking the responsibility of destinies of thousands of students, educators, doctors, we are expecting from our community members to diligently perform their responsibilities, as well.  As we are representing the first and the only Ukrainian university within the EU, in all aspects we must keep the bar really high and we have to present the best of us!  Although we are definite that we have much to offer to the EU!

Dedicated KMU team, through the investment of EBRD, is continuing to arrange for you here in Poland the state-of-the-art study and living facilities which comprise over 18 000 sqm.  We pride ourselves on providing an excellent teaching and learning experience for our students, being taught by leaders in their fields, with curriculums that have been inspired by the latest thinking, in the modern and comfortable facilities in the place without the war, which is fundamental to future success of our graduates.  

Stay tuned and the most exciting is awaiting us ahead!


Oleksandr Potii

Born on 8 November 1997 in Kharkiv. In 2014, graduated with honours from the Faculty of Economics of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. In 2020 received a master’s degree in Public Administration and Management from the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.

From 2017 to 2021, Mr. Potii worked as the Chief Operating Officer of the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the Kyiv Medical University. Since 2021, he has been working at Kyiv Medical University as the Head of the Education Quality Monitoring Department.

In 2022, Oleksandr Potii has been appointed as the Head of the Polish Campus of the Kyiv Medical University.





Iryna Shpak

Academic Coordinator, PhD


Maryna Ostapets

Academic & Students’ Mobility Coordinator  


Svitlana Kravchenko

Students’ Community Coordinator


Viktoria Holovanchuk

Students’ Financial Services 


Yuliia Scheholeva

Project Manager 


Ewa Milne

Head of the Department of Polish language and culture | Orientation & Adaptation Mentor


Tetiana Eremenko

Students’ Housing Supervisor 


Poland – modern and dynamic member of the European Union where education really counts! The number of the international students in the country is growing continuously and currently has reached almost 85 000 or 7% of total number of students. 

Poland is the 5th largest country and economy in the EU, with the lowest unemployment rate in whole Europe and great work prospects.

Polish academic institutions are among the world’s recognised educational centre. Poland is one of the safest countries in the world (25th place according to the Global Peace Index 2022). The student satisfaction rate in Poland is 9.09 (the average for Europe is 8.6 – according to StudyPortals).

KMU Polish Campus is located in the Katowice agglomeration of the Silesia region, which provides students and educators with numerous opportunities for study, professional growth and leisure. Silesia is the most developed region in Poland offering access to the best Hospitals, Pharmacies and Dental Clinics.

Additionally, there are tons of stunning tourist locations.

Our Campuses, Dormitories and Associated Clinics are located in the close proximity with the maximum time of 30 min ride by public transport.


Main Campus – 5 Zawiszy Czarnego Street, Katowice

First academic building  – 120 Wroclawska Street, Bytom

Second academic building – 32 Dambrowskiego Street, Chorzow (under ongoing preparation)

Students’ Housing №1 – 17 Raclawicka Street, Bytom (Students’ Housing web-page via this link)

Students’ Housing №2 – 14 A. Frycza-Modzjewskiego Street, Bytom (under ongoing preparation)

Affiliated hospitals and partnering HealthCare institutions

Partners in the medical field:

  • Szpital №2 w Mysłowicach;
  • Wojewódzki Szpital №1 w Bytomiu;
  • Wojewódzki Szpital №4 w Bytomiu;
  • Wojewódzkie Pogotowie Ratunkowe w Katowicach;
  • Rejonowe Pogotowie Ratunkowe w Sosnowcu;
  • Szpital №1 w Siemianowicach Slaskich;
  • Sosnowski Szpital Miejski.

Partners in the dental field:

  • Dental clinic “Bialy Usmiech”
  • Dental clinic “Mardent”
  • Dental clinic “NL CLINIC”
  • Dental clinic “Dentystyka “Nad Klodnica”, prof. Tomasz Kupka”

Partners in the pharmaceutical field:

  • The biggest in Poland pharmacy chain “ZDROWIT”



As the KMU Polish Campus is a representative office of the university in Poland, admission is carried out in accordance with the rules of prerequisites approved in Ukraine. 

There are two admission sessions in 2024. The first one, in winter, lasts from 16th January till 1st March, while the second one, in summer – from 11th July and till 1st November.

The University announces admission for such major faculties as General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in Ukrainian and in English medium. In winter the University accepts for the General Medicine and Dentistry in English medium only.

Application Procedure

Step 1. Prepare documents & Fill in the Application Form

Ensure you have all the original documents required

  • Original of School Certificate with Academic Records of all subjects – legalised (appostilled), translated into Ukrainian and notarised;
  • Original of the Academic Transcript from your previous University (Applicable for students applying 2nd year study or above);
  • Passport and its notarised translation into Ukrainian;
  • Health Insurance
Carefully fill in required information and upload your documents. KMU Polish Campus students Coordinator will get back to you and guide through the process.

Step 2. Get Acceptance Letter & Pay Tuition Fees

After examination of applicant’s documents the University makes the decision to provide an Admission Confirmation Letter along with the Invoice. Please proceed with the payment for an upcoming Academic Year.

Step 3. Arrive to Poland

Inform the Polish Campus Student Coordinators about your planned arrival date by writing to

Prior to arrival you can book a seat in our Students’ Housing. For more info please visit Students’ Housing web-page.

Step 4. Entrance Exams

Upon arrival applicant takes two writing entrance exams – language proficiency exam (Ukrainian or English) and Chemistry exam. After the applicant undergoes the whole process successfully, the University issues the Order of admission which means that the applicant is enrolled for the program and becomes a student of the University.


Educational process is carried out in English Language in accordance with Ukrainian Study Programs implemented in KMU, in particular:

  • Medicine, with provision of degree “Doctor of Medicine”
  • Dentistry, with provision of degree “Doctor of Dentistry”
  • Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, with provision of “Pharmacist” degree

You can learn more about KMU’s specialities and Study Programs via this link

Students graduating from KMU Polish Campus are getting Ukrainian State Diploma, which is recognised worldwide.


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