Postgraduate Studies

➨ 222 Medicine, 22 Health care

➨ 221 Dentistry, 22 Health

➨ 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, 22 Health care

From September 1to October 14, those that wish to enter the postgraduate studies, must submit the following documents to the Rector of the University:
1. Application about admission for the entrance examination addressed to the Rector with the code and name of the specialty;
2. Personnel records leaflet (certified at the place of work);
3. 3x4cm sized photos (1 of these);
4. Autobiography;
5. Recommendation of the Academic Council of the University for admission to graduate school (if available);
6. List and photocopies of published scientific works and inventions. Graduate students who have no published scientific papers and inventions must submit scientific reports (abstracts), presentations of research proposals or achievements in their chosen scientific specialty;
7. Medical certificate on the state of health (form 086 – О);
8. Copy of the higher education diploma with supplement (persons who have received appropriate education abroad must submit a copy of foreign diploma with nostrification);
9. Copy of the employment record (certified by the Human Resources Department at the previous place of work);
10. Copy of the passport;
11. Copy of the identification number.
12. Consent to the processing of personal data.
Passport and higher education diploma must be submitted by the entrant personally.

Lesia Zakrutko, PhD, Associate Professor
Address: 2, Boryspilska Street, 222
Tel.: +38 (095) 480-99-34

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