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In 2022, Kyiv Medical University, the first private institution of higher medical education in the post-Soviet space, celebrates its 30th anniversary. Our achievements are highly estimated by the educational community, and in 2019, our University became the best private higher education establishment in Ukraine. However, we do not stop there, but instead continue to work in accordance with our mission: “In relentless pursuit of excellence, to teach, to search, to heal and to serve humanity”

Our University invites its graduates, of whom we already have more than 5000, to celebrate with us. After all, our history is also history of our graduates, whereas their successes are also successes of alma mater.

The anniversary of KMU is yet another occasion to unite all those who started their life and professional achievements within its walls, and help like-minded graduates, for whom the University will forever remain a symbol of professionalism and medical education, to come together.

Therefore, we invite you to join KMU Alumni Association right away! In our survey, feel free to tell about yourself, your professional successes and express your thoughts (including the critical ones) about the directions of our University’s development.

Let us make the anniversary of our alma mater memorable for everyone!

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Ой, щось пішло не так ;(.

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