Kyiv Medical University works hard to raise its level and become the best! Thanks to your support, we are successful! For example, we took 8th place among 200 higher education institutions of Ukraine in terms of admittees’ rating scores of 2019.
To your attention we offer you various rankings where #kyivmedicaluniversity is represented!

1. Admission of Ukrainian students based on Independent External Evaluation (performed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)—KMU is #8th among 200
In 2018 Kyiv Medical University ranked 8th among all Ukrainian higher education institutions by passing score level.

2. Private higher education institutions ranking based on Scopus citation database data
Ranked 5th among 13 private higher education institutions.

3. Best higher education institutions of Kyiv
Ranked 24th among 57 higher education institutions.

4. Top 10 private universities in Ukraine—KMU is #6
Ranked 6th among 10.

5. Amount of admitted Ukrainian students for the 1st year of study among all private educational establishments—KMU is 15th among 124 universities. Considering the peculiarities of medical education this rating does take into account all the categories of admitted graduate and postgraduate students.
Ranked 15th among 124.

6. Two higher education medical institutions showed the highest average External Independent Evaluation score growth dynamic – “Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy” public institution and “Kyiv Medical University” private institution, that increased the average score of their enrolling students by 21,13 and 14,95 respectively

7. During the enrollment campaign of 2018, Kyiv Medical University took 5th place among 10 best medical universities with best External Independent Evaluation average scores (contract)
Ranked 5th among 10.

8. Rating of higher education institutions according to the average score of External independent evaluation of entrants that are enrolled in universities at the expense of individuals and legal entities (contract) in 2020
In 2020 Kyiv Medical University took 7th place among all universities in Ukraine in terms of passing score.

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