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Happy India Independence Day!

Every year on August 15, India celebrates its Independence Day. On this day in 1947, the Indian Independence Act came into force, and the flag of independent India was hoisted over the walls of the Red Fort in Delhi by the country’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. This marked a new stage in the country’s history: India was granted dominion status within the British Commonwealth, the Constituent Assembly was given the power to issue its own laws, and India’s first independent government took office.

In India, this day is staged by spectacular events: a military parade, a demonstration of the powerful Indian army, and after these events there is a massive and bright celebration. Fresh flowers, ribbons, garlands, bright colors and national symbols – not only buildings are decorated, but also the faces and clothes of the people of India.

It should be noted that the Indian student diaspora is the largest in Ukraine, with more than 650 people from India study at Kyiv Medical University.

We wish them a Happy India’s Independence Day and express our hope that they will always have good health, success and inspiration in their professional activities, peace and prosperity!

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