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XXIX Graduation Ceremony of Kyiv Medical University

XXIX Graduation Ceremony of Kyiv Medical University was held on February 27. This time, 103 students graduated from the International Faculty (Medical specialty). The Kyiv Medical University graduation ceremonies mark a momentous occasion where students—and often their relatives too—from all corners of the globe gather to celebrate this important milestone. However, this time, due to the war, only 25 graduates were present offline on the Kyiv campus, while others could watch the ceremony online.

International students hold a special place of significance, embodying the importance of diversity, cultural exchange, and global collaboration in higher education. Their accomplishments serve as a testament to KMU’s commitment to providing a world-class education that transcends borders, preparing graduates to be global citizens equipped to tackle complex global challenges and make a positive impact on the world.

The graduates of the Class of 2024 were appreciative to receive greetings from the President of the University, the rector, vice-rector, dean’s staff, and their teachers. The graduates who completed their program received their diplomas at the event.

The Kyiv Medical University wishes a peaceful sky, inspiration, strength, success, constant growth, and grateful patients to the graduates of the Class of 2024!

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