TALENT PARK is a talent development center of Kyiv Medical University.
It is a comfortable platform for unleashing the potential of our students and a catalyst in reaching new heights.

What is our role in the structure of the University?

1. Unite creative and talented

2. Expand the network of connections – involve experts and leading specialists for effective training of students

3. Help students develop and become better

4. Conduct a clear competition, audition and casting for the presentation of the University outside it. A team of experts that consists of KMU staff and independent experts who select participants according to the event (competition, concert, etc.)

5. Reward and celebrate the most active students

6. To form a non-academic student rating – a rating of student activities

7. Apply for grants for student projects (Public Budget, UCF, House of Europe)

How do we operate?

• Students are actively involved in different areas, join a group or team and improve their skills

• Kyiv Medical University publicly announces competitions and events in which students can participate. We do this through publications on social networks, news on the site and letters to corporate e-mails. We indicate the style, direction and the most detailed description of the competition so that students can effectively prepare and the selection was as successful as possible

• We select, discuss the candidates with a committee and invite the best to join, but the rest remains in reserve for the competition

• We support student training, realize their participation, and fully support on behalf of the University

• We publish news about success of our students

• We form a creative rating




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