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Summer Medical Camp 2020

Dear students of Kyiv Medical University!

First of all, congratulations on finishing such an unusual academic year and the beginning of summer vacations.

Summer is a magical and wonderful time when we all want to enjoy the warm weather, forget about the usual things and spend time with the closest ones – our families.

Unfortunately, the current situation has made its own adjustments and not all of you will be able to go home on vacation.

However, we have a great alternative for you! Today, 22nd of June we are launching Summer Medical Camp 2020, which will work until September.

Summer Medical Camp 2020 provides great opportunities for participating in different activities, such as social and cultural events with friends, as well as developing both self-confidence and self-directed learning skills crucial to success at University and in the life.

Here, you will expand your worldview, gain valuable knowledge and skills, and explore the capital of Ukraine — Kyiv, one of the most historic European cities—amid a community of peers and friends.

Apart from this, we will provide you with table games, tennis, basketball, badminton, darts etc. Just chill here with friends!

You can find all Kyiv Medical University Summer Medical Camp 2020 events on our poster below. Registration is mandatory!

Stay with your KMU Family!

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