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Scholarship from Health Systems Global (HSG)

Dear Sir/Madame!

Health Systems Global (HSG) and various international partners are hosting the conference in Katowice Agglomeration, Poland for Ukrainian decision makers from the sphere of public health. Potential keynote Speakers are Current Minister of Health of Ukraine and WHO Country Office Director, as well leading leaders of the opinion from all over the world.

Main organizer is Health Systems Global (, as well as other multiple international organizations. The conference is linked to the 8th Global Symposium on Health Policy and Systems Research in Nagasaki Japan in November 2024 (

Kyiv Medical University  is co-organizer of the conference. KMU is actively involved in various humanitarian missions dedicated in support of Ukraine in various spheres including healthcare.

Some themes to be covered during the conference:

a. What can Ukraine learn from the rest of the region?

b. What the region can learn from Ukraine in terms of sustaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC) during times of peace and war. This process is traced back to the Maidan revolution and the initial Russian invasion, progressing to the 2022 invasion.

c. The aim is to make the insights applicable to other regions.

d. The idea of building just and people-centered health systems during a crisis.

Dates of the conference are from 19/06/24 till 21/06/24.

Deadline of application is 29.02.2024.

Please, find out how register here.

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