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Discovering Kyiv: Pharmacy-Museum on Podil

The knowledge of the pharmaceutical business history is very important for future doctors and pharmacists, not only globally but also regionally! Therefore, it is necessary for foreign citizens to visit the Pharmacy-Museum, a small old house, which is still standing on Podil since 1728!

Not all people of Kyiv know about this interesting place, but the teachers of the preparatory department try to acquaint foreign students, future practitioners, with such iconic pearls of the city of Kyiv. This time all groups spent an unforgettable time in Old Kyiv together with the Head of the preparatory department for foreign citizens Miroshnychenko A.V., teachers of the department Singh Y.I., Prykhodko I.G., and the Head of the Council of Foreign Students of the KMU Gerhart J.R.

The museum is located between three monasteries in the most secret spot of Podil that is itself a mystery: in its dungeons, historians still find antiquities. Most of the interior of the pharmacy consists of the real items that belonged to the prominent Bunge family, German pharmacists and public figures, but in the lower rooms, there are installations related to the peculiarities of Ukrainian folk medicine. The museum staff always welcomes visitors, as no one ever leaves with any question unanswered!

Our students were interested in everything: how medicine was made at that time, what raw materials were used, how the pharmacy business in Kyiv differed from other countries, or how similar they were, do we know prominent doctors from other countries? There were many questions, but the most important thing is to touch the unknown, keep the motivation to study and take many photos to remember!

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