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Another mural quest for KMU students took place

KMU constantly holds interesting offline and online events for its students. On a warm spring day of March 27, a mural quest took place in Darnytskyi district of the capital. That is where, by the way, the largest number of murals in the city of Kyiv is located.

Our students spent some great time: they met new people, performed interesting tasks, visited the beautiful places of Darnytskyi district and received delicious gifts from Kyiv Medical University!

We invite you to join our next events!

For more details, please contact our event coordinator: Oleh Melnyk (Phone nimbuer: + 38 (093) 115-80-82). You can get acquainted with the digests of future events on our website, social networks and via e-mails that we send every Friday.

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