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We invite KMU students for internships in EU countries!

Dear KMU Community!

Practical training and bedside learning are the foundation for qualitative medical education. So, clinical practice is an integral part of the study process at KMU.

Our team is already working in the EU in order to arrange clinical practices in hospitals, pharmacies and dental clinics of Poland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries of the European Union. So, starting from May, 2022 we will invite you to a clinical practice, that’s why we ask for your feedback ASAP. This practice will be a mandatory component of summer clerkship (like it usually takes place in Ukraine, just in Europe). We intendently ask about specialties of your interest, because we want you to gain extra knowledge and skills you desire. This internship will be organized taking into account your intentions regarding the country and specialty. So, fill out this Google form, which will be your first step on the path to the EU, where you will receive safe, high-quality and modern educational services even in such difficult and uncertain times.

One of our favorite motto: “We start the path to Europe from our University” now has a real opportunity to come true! You will be our ambassadors, and the European community will help you in this.

In addition, you will have the opportunity for one-year international academic mobility after the practice. We will invite the whole community of students and residents of Kyiv Medical University to join this mission. During your time in the EU you will be taught by the best educators of both Ukraine and leading doctors and educators from Europe. At this time, we encourage everyone to study hard, attend online classes, be active students and become even better, because the future of medicine depends on you!

We will announce all the details and conditions of the mission soon.

Take care and stand with Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

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