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Winter practice in Poland for the next group of students has been held!

On February 14, the regular winter practice in Poland was completed in the hospital of the town of Knurów, which was conducted by students of Ukrainian citizens and foreign students.

As noted by the students and the head of the group Lavrinchuk Iryna, the practice was very fruitful and cognitive. Thanks to the friendly and affiliated relationship between the University and the hospital, with every next time our students are given more opportunities to hone their practical skills in different departments. For example, students have been practicing in cancer, surgery, gynecological departments and their operating units. The most talented and courageous people have already been involved in operations on stomach, gall bladder, gynecological operations, including uterine extirpation, as well as in operations for the removal of limbs.

Our students have the opportunity to get acquainted with laparoscopic diagnostic and operational manipulations, work in the diagnostic department, participate in the assistance of pregnant women, in the work of the neonatal and therapeutic departments. Work is not limited to weekdays, because the clinic accepts patients 24/7, and our practitioners have the opportunity to observe an interesting clinical case at any time and take part in its supervision.

The following practice will take place between 01.07.2019 and 31.07.2019.

If you want to apply for participation in the summer production practice, please contact the head of the international department.

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Tel: +38 (044) 234-76-16

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