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“Welcome to Kyiv” excursion took place

Kyiv Medical University constantly organizes interesting events for our students. On April 3, the “Welcome to Kyiv” english excursion was held by our graduate and “guide in white gloves” – Maksym Derbienov. For our foreign students, this excursion is the first step to get acquainted with Kyiv.

During the two hours of the excursion, students learned many interesting things about the history of the capital of Ukraine: why the Golden Gate is golden; why Yaroslav the Wise is five-armed; where it is necessary to make wishes so they come true; where prominent doctors of Kyiv lived; where the first Kyiv ambulance hospital is located. The excursion took place through the historical sites of Kyiv: the Golden Gate, St. Sophia Square, St. Andrew’s Descent and St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

We thank the organizers of such an interesting excursion and invite KMU students to join our following activities!

For more details, please contact our event coordinator: Oleh Melnyk (Phone number: + 38 (093) 115-80-82). You can get acquainted with the digests of future events on our website, social networks and via e-mails that we send every Friday.

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