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The “Modern views on the prevention of major dental diseases” meeting was held.

On February 7, 2019, the “Modern views on the prevention of major dental diseases” meeting on the prevention of dental diseases  was held with the support of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine, the Association of Periodontal Doctors of Ukraine, the Association of Hygienists of Dentistry Ukraine and the company “Colgate”. The meeting was attended by professors from all regions of Ukraine, among them were Professor Mazur I.P., Dena O.V., Savichuk N.O., Belyollytska G.F., Petrushanko T.O., Klitynska O.V., Kovach I.V., Melnychuk G.M. Kyiv Medical University was represented by the head of the department of therapeutic dentistry, MD, Professor Kopchak O.V., who acted as an expert on the leading topics of the event. On the second day of the congress, February 8, 2019, professor gave her “Cardiac patient in a dentist’s office – Search for the “golden mean” between european and national approaches” presentation during the “Dental problems of the patients with cardiovascular pathology” section.

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