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Table Tennis Tournament

KMU held a table tennis tournament.

On 21st of July, Kyiv Medical University held a table tennis tournament. We are so proud to discover the athletic side of our students, demonstrated in a healthy competition. From the beginning, Jitendra Singh already held a reputation for prowess in the sport. It was therefore expected that he would most certainly win. There were many contenders, however, wishing to challenge him, and they all did their best. Nonetheless, Jitendra held his own against each of the contenders and maintained his reputation as the best table tennis player. It was fun, and the games continued without a lull, wherein there were singles matches as well as doubles matches.

The fun and excitement of such events adds to the joy of our student life. These are occasions for building friendships and enjoying recreation together. Sports and games are a common language that may be understood cross-culturally, and this was observably true at our table tennis tournament.

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