Preparatory Faculty for International Citizens


The Preparatory Department for International Citizens (PrepDep) of Kyiv Medical University continues the process of admission for the new 2020-2021 th study year. This year 120 graduates from more than 20 countries have already successfully completed the study, passed examinations, and received State Certificates which enable the students to study further in their selective field or stream of specialization in any university of Ukraine. We are glad to welcome our best graduates in our University!!! We wish you success in your further study and eventful student life!

Our teachers are waiting for the new students to provide them with interesting and informative classes of language training and subjects of general study, as well as with various cultural events of our University and city of Kiev.

General Information

Address: 121, Kharkivske highway, Kyiv


Tel.: +380504508495 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Head of the Preparatory Faculty, Oleh Humen.

You can get an invitation for study and submit the documents at the following address: 2, Boryspilska St., Kyiv, Ukraine.

The preparatory faculty enrolls international citizens and stateless persons with legalized documents to prepare for admission to KMU faculties or other higher education institutions of Ukraine. Terms of submission, consideration/evaluation of documents, entrance examinations and enrollment of international nationals are set by the KMU admission rules.

Autumn enrolment: beginning of classes – 1 st October, the end of the academic year – 1 st August of the following calendar year.
Spring enrolment: beginning of classes – 1 st February, holidays last from 1 st  August to 30 st September, end of the academic year – January 31 st of the following calendar year.
The duration of the study on preparatory faculty is 10 months. Training is being executed during a 5-day working week.

Based on the peculiarities of the PrepDep, the setting of groups of 8-14 students takes into account the language of study, the selective field of preparation and, if possible, the country, religion and other wishes.

Educators who obtained the relevant qualification document (diploma of higher education, a degree or a certificate confirming proficiency in a foreign language) provide the training.

The educational process is carried out in the form of practical classes, laboratory and independent study, control and examination measures. After completing the training, students take the exams that result in a Certificate of Completion of PrepDep.

Students who fail to complete the curriculum are not allowed to take the exams and are expelled from the University by order of the Rector.

The listener can also be expelled according to the following reasons:
• voluntarily;
• failure to comply with the curriculum;
• breach of contract;
• violation of the current legislation of Ukraine;
• for health reasons;
• other cases provided by Ukrainian law

Administration and Teaching Personnel

– Teacher of Ukrainian language, PhD in Philological Sciences, Prykhodko Iryna Grigorivna.
– Teacher of English languages, Senior Lecturer of PrepDep, Singh Yulia Igorivna.
– Teacher of Chemistry, PhD in Chemical Sciences, Starostenko Olga Mykolayivna.
– Teacher of Mathematics and Physics, Senior Lecturer of PrepDep, Vasyluk-Zaitseva Svetlana Viktorovna.

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