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New project of KMU, “Talent Park”, takes off!

Wonderful community, accept the most sincere congratulations from Kyiv Medical University!

While Ukraine is preparing to exit quarantine, we take haste to share with you the news about the start of a useful and interesting project from Kyiv Medical University! Talent Park is an open platform for discovering the creative and scientific potential of our students, a kind of catalyst for reaching new heights.

We created Talent Park in order to bring together talented people in one place so they could reinforce one another and help make dreams come true! That’s why we chose “Unite and empower!” as our motto!

Together with you we will begin creating the newest history of Kyiv Medical University. The most active participants will receive various incentives and awards. Another important mission of Talent Park is to support the implementation of student projects.

Don’t hesitate, fill out the form and join the cool community of like-minded people!

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