List of documents for the PhD course admission

The applicants, who wish to enter PhD course, must submit the following documents to the Rector of the University within the time between August 25th and September 1st:

1. application about admission for the entrance examination addressed to the Rector with code and the name of the specialty;
2. personnel records leaflet (certified at the place of work);
3. 2 photos 3×4 cm sized;
4. autobiography;
5. questionnaire;
6. copy of the higher education diploma with supplement (persons who have received appropriate education abroad must submit a copy of foreign diploma with nostrification);
7. copy of the relevant medical specialty certificate;
8. characteristic from the last working place, issued for admission to PhD course and signed by the head of the institution with the seal;
9. copy of the employment record (certified by the Human Resources Department at the previous place of work);
10. consent of the scientific consultant (supervisor) to provide scientific advice (guidance) on the selected topic and scientific specialty of the degree seeker with mandatory indication of the number of already assigned degree seekers;
11. substantiation of the topic (extended annotation) of the dissertation, signed by the applicant and the scientific consultant (supervisor);
12. review on the topic (annotation) of the planned research work, signed by one of the leading scientists of the Kyiv Medical University, in the relevant or related specialization;
13. detailed dissertation plan, signed by the applicant and the supervisor (consultant);
14. list of methods and techniques that will be used in the dissertation preparation;
15. calendar plan for the dissertation, signed by the applicant and the supervisor (consultant);
16. conclusion of the commission on biomedical ethics on the possibility of planning a dissertation;
17. excerpt from the minutes of the meeting of the Problem Commission in the relevant specialty (specialization) on the recommendation for dissertation planning;
18. report on the patent information search (search task; search certificate);
19. list and photocopies of published scientific works and inventions (postgraduate students, who do not have published scientific papers and inventions, submit scientific reports (abstracts), presentations of research proposals or achievements in their chosen scientific specialty);
20. health certificate of form 086 – O;
21. certificate according to form 2.2 for persons who have partially passed PhD exams;
22. copy of the passport;
23. copy of the identification number;
24. passport and higher education diploma must be submitted by the entrant personally.

For applicants who plan to enter graduate school, doctoral studies, it is
mandatory to submit a certificate of available scientific work on the topic of the planned dissertation, which is certified by the head of the department and scientific advisor (supervisor).

Documents required for admission to PhD course after selection board have made a positive decision

1. Application addressed to the Rector containing code and the name of the specialty about enrollment in PhD course;
2. Excerpt from the minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council on the recommendation (expanded) to enter PhD course which shall be provided in the year of graduation from a higher education institution;
3. Excerpt from the minutes of the meeting of the relevant department on the approval of the dissertation topic;
4. Certificate about inclusion of the topic of dissertation research in the plan of research work of the department, signed by the head of the department;
5. The conclusion of the metrologist regarding the list of measuring equipment that will be used in the dissertation;
6. List of scientific publications (certified by the scientific secretary of the academic council of the faculty) and inventions (if any);

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