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International students attended a lecture on biophysics

As part of Summer Medical Camp, the “Biology and Physics in Medicine” lecture took place.

The 22th of July was a sequel lecture day. Svetlana Vasylyuk-Zaytseva, Master in Theoretical Physics and Solid Matter Physics, shared a new approach to Medical Physics and Biophysics.

The students listened with great interest, as the professor told them about the connection of Physics with anatomy, thus demonstrating the impact of modelling of human bone structure with physical models and using computer-programming packages.

The idea of the course is to teach the students the basics of Newtonian mechanics and rheology laws, which are illustrated with computer simulations that are widely used in biotechnology, materials modelling and medical physics, biochemistry and biophysics.

We are proud of what our professors have to offer to students from many countries, who are aspiring to the medical profession. Mrs. Vasylyuk has been studied her PhD thesis in University of Bath, Great Britain, UK.

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