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EXEMED (Poland) visited the University to present its Pulse Grid II Cardio Monitor

On February 14, Kyiv Medical University hosted representatives of the Polish company EXEMED – board member Marcin Gruchala and technical director Grzegorz Jaksim in order to familiarize Ukrainian doctors with the latest technologies, namely the Pulse Grid II mobile and in-patient card monitoring system.

One of the key benefits of the device is the combination of two functionaries at once – simultaneous monitoring and recording of Holter’s ECG (up to 30 days), as well as the possibility of remote monitoring of cardiovascular illnesses. The monitor is designed to make it easier for both the patient and the medical staff. For example, the device can work in two modes: cardio-monitor and Holter; it allows you to continuously receive ECG records and other patient information for further analysis and filtering of registered data. The software allows you to receive graphical representation of the data on the monitor. All this can happen regardless of whether the patient is in the hospital or out.

Thanks to Pulse Grid II wireless data transfer to the central system, medical personnel can view the patient’s ECG or receive signals from any computer or tablet in the hospital. Also, the device is designed for cardiac monitoring of any number of patients by medical personnel at the same time. EXEMED representatives emphasize that the device contributes to reducing the cost of treatment associated with hospitalization of patients and the involvement of medical personnel for direct care of patients, since staying in a hospital under direct supervision for a cardiologic patient is more expensive than remote monitoring when it is out of bounds hospitals.

For Ukraine, where in the structure of mortality of the disease SSH occupy one of the leading places, the use of such methods is very relevant.

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