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Excursion to the Fomina Botanical Garden

Botany field excursion was organized for first year medical foreign students under supervision of Garnik T.P., head of the department of phytotherapy, homeopathy and bio-energo-informational medicine and by the International faculty on May 20 and 21, 2019. Excursion was conducted by botanic experts in Fomina Botanical Garden. The students visited open ground. The excursion was aimed to introduce the students to botanical collections (different species of medicinal plants of various botanical and geographic regions), activities and conservation functions, approximate scheme of morphological descriptions of flowering plants, Principles of construction of botanical determinants and main morphological characteristics of leaves and other plant organs, overview of botanico-geographical characteristics of the main families of medicinal plants: Asteraceae (Centaureae cyanus), Lamiaceae (Lavandula spica), Umbelliferae, Liliaceae(Aloё arborescens), Papaveraceae (Macleaya microcarpa), Polygonaceae (Poligonum hydropiper), Brassicaceae, Rosaceae (Aronia melanocarpa), Fabaceae (Astragalus dasyanthus), coniferous and deciduous and steppe plants. The students also visited greenhouse section, acquainted with tropics and subtropics herbs, the importance of knowledge about main species of tropical and subtropical medicinal plants, which cultivated in greenhouses in Ukraine, as well as the necessity of mastering practical skills for growing some of them, geographical distribution, ecological affinity, morphological characteristics, emphasizing on cultivation of popular dye and medicinal plants – Indigofera tinctoria and Lawsōnia inērmis (henna), oleander officinalis, which was widely used to produce cardiotonic agents; Kalanchóe pinnáta, Alóe arboréscens, Catharánthus róseus of which produced a number of drugs, etc.

On that sunny day amidst beautiful plants everyone enjoyed the excursion and gained good knowledge on medicinal plants.

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