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Discovering Kyiv: National Museum of the History of Medicine

The National Museum of the History of Medicine is located in an old building in the very heart of Kyiv, next to the oldest ambulance station in our city.

Foreign students always enjoy visiting such places for career guidance, moreover, getting there without a group is almost impossible! Everything here breathes antiquity, starting with the staircase and the building itself to the boundless interest of the guide, a young man inspired by his work!

The exposition of the museum covers the history of medicine in our region, therefore the acquaintance with medical traditions, sometimes not similar at all to the traditions of our listeners, and personalities whose names are already known from the streets or institutions names, was very informative. The hall of mummies was especially impressive, where the most valuable exhibits of such an old age are collected that even the students from Egypt observed them with a high degree of respect, and collections of ancient tools of different medical specialists and the only museum dioramas in Ukraine as well.

Among all the noble personalities presented in the museum, the utmost attention was drawn to Alexander Bogomolets and Nikolay Pirogov.

To complete this unforgettable visit, we took a walk through the center of Kyiv towards St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral and A.V. Fomin Botanical Garden that left no one indifferent!

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