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Trip to a Farm

Summer Medical Camp continues…on a farm!

As a continuation the Summer Medical Camp, on August 12th our students had a field trip to a unique farm just outside of Kyiv. The farm is well known for its unique species of birds and is the 1st in history of Ukraine to witness the sex reassignment of an ostrich. Also, the farm has a variety of other well-tamed animals, fun to feed, pet and make photos with.

It was a fun day of riding horses, feeding birds, goats, donkeys and other animals. It was a perfect day playing with lovely animals, having fun photoshoot, followed by a time of fellowship with cold drinks and snacks provided by the President of our University.

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Дата та час:14 травня 2021 року о 16:00.
Місце проведення: вул. Бориспільська, 2, аудиторія №224 (поверх 2, Центр симуляційного навчання та оцінювання)
11 Травня 2021
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06 Травня 2021
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