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Meeting with KMU representatives

Recently, students of Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, which is part of Medical Academic Consortium, had an fruitful meeting with:
1. Dr. Yurii Zhurba – vice-Dean of Medical Faculty, KMU KROK Officer
2. Mr. Konstantin Kachan – the Dean of KMU International Faculty
3. Mr. Shekharmaan Shrestha – KMU Student, who have passed KROK-1 with incredible result – 96%, which is the best among Ukrainian students.

Students of 4th year of study, who are going to undergo KROK-1 on 9th of February got a valuable advices from Shekharmaan on how to write KROK to get high results.
Younger cohorts become acquainted with huge possibilities Medical Academic Consortium can provide. They are:
– Summer internships in Poland
– Academic mobility between MAC Institutions
– Practical trainings in Centers for Simulation Training and Assessment
– Summer Camps&Other entertainment events

Students once again made sure that among Medical Academic Consortium (MAC) our team applies single and very high standards of Education, Living and Pastime with all students.
Maintaining these standards and keeping students satisfied is our TOP Priority.

Moving forward out High Mission – In relentless pursuit of excellence, to teach, to search, to heal and to serve humanity

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