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KMU Alumna: Votes of Thanks from graduates-2022

Previous week we published congratulates for graduates of 2022 on successful confirmation of diplomas in India. Subsequently, the International Faculty received a lot of Votes of thanks from our graduates. We want to publish few of them:

Vote of Thanks from Dr. Aswathy Sunilkumar

Few days ago I read congratulations from KMU about our success in FMGE and I want to say few words from my side.

Thanking KMU faculty for doing very best as both clinicians and as educators!
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to KMU faculty for being the backbone of my success in FMGE (licensure examination conducted in India) securing a score of 200 on my first attempt.

From Day 1 to this day of challenging time, the community at KMU role model many qualities I aspire to have as a future physician.

I acknowledge that everyone is struggling right now, and regardless of that, KMU faculty have been working tirelessly to support students and graduates. Your kindness, mindfulness and empathy is boundless. Words are certainly not enough to express my gratitude for how responsive, dynamic and supportive Dean, Vice Dean, Dean Office, KMU faculty members as well as our professors have been during the tough times.
I was truly impressed by the faculty’s rapid and comprehensive response to optimize our learning and graduation under unprecedented circumstances (COVID, WAR) .
Special regards to Dean office for taking the time to answer all our enquiries and support us all the while keeping your heads afloat in these torrential times.

Thanking KMU for being brilliant example of the sort of leadership we are supposed to embody now, and in the future.
We stand in solidarity for you, we support you and we are so proud to be KMU alumni.

Dr. Aswathy Sunilkumar
KMU Alumna

Words of Thanks from Dr. Shahrukh Sultan Ahmed

First of all thank you to our beloved Dean for giving me the privilege to write few words for our University. I am Shahrukh Sultan Ahmed, 2022 Graduate in Medicine from Kyiv Medical University, Ukraine. It’s all started 6 years ago in a wintery evening when I first landed in Kyiv, Ukraine. There’s been lots of up & downs throughout these years.

But with the support of my father, our beloved KMU family & my friends, I have reached this far graduating from University & Clearing FMGE exam in India in the very first attempt.

About KMU, it’s not just an University for Me. It’s an emotion, a family for me.

Thank you to all our beloved professors who were always ready to guide & encourage us to become a better version of ourselves. Not only as a good doctor but also as a generous human being.
Thanks to all of our Dean Office members who were always there to help us in every situation as a guardian.

And especially during war times, they didn’t even think twice before helping us to complete our academic course & arranging our degrees & documents before the mean time,
so that we can build our career smoothly.

It was just unimaginable determination of all the members of KMU that made it possible for us.

On behalf of all the KMU alumnus & family, I heartily thank you all of our KMU family, we will be always grateful to you for whatever you have done for us.

Dr. Shahrukh Sultan Ahmed

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