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Film screenings continue

Students of KMU were shown another medicine-themed movie.

The summer events at KMU continued with students viewing Making Rounds, the educational, documentary film featuring the veteran cardiologists. It was advocating for the not so revelatory idea that doctors and residents should actually communicate with their patients. The film gives valuable insight to the future doctors, teaching them the traditional art and science of a thorough bedside physical exam. We are glad our students were once again reminded to remember that the latter represent more than mere charts of information and opportunities for billing. Our students watched with great interest, as the movie examined the lost art of bedside diagnosis with director Muffie Meyer showed just how vital listening is to the process.

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Підсумки ІІ туру Всеукраїнського конкурсу студентських наукових робіт зі спеціальності «Педіатрія»
Підсумкова науково-практична конференція конкурсу відбудеться 15 квітня 2021 року о 10:00 за адресою: м. Київ, вул. Бориспільська, 2, аудиторія 302.
12 Квітня 2021
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