Факультет по роботі з іноземними студентами / International Faculty


The University is one of the largest Ukrainian private schools, the only private medical university of such scale as: there about 3,200 people, among them 30% of foreign students from 56 countries, including 56 students from Nigeria. It is one of the top-tier universities of Ukraine. There above 400 staff members, not mention the administrative employees, has been working over the latest educational technologies, improving clinical and educational centers, equipment supporting departments, improvement of University logistics and students’ comfort as well. Today the number of graduates has reached the number of 4,000 persons.

According to the licenses and certificates of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (enclosed below), the University holds the right to provide educational services in field of higher education in the specialty 221 of “Dentistry”, 222 of “Medicine”, and 226 of “Pharmacy”. The postgraduate level provides with training in “Internship” (equivalent of the “Residency”) of 19 (specializations); in “PhD” (13 areas of study) and “Clinical Residency” (133 specializations). We run the Preparatory Faculty and Language Courses for foreign students as well.

Since 2005 the University has been an official testing Centre of ETS (Educational Testing Services) of such examinations as TOEFL IBT and SAT.

In KMU the study takes place at 20 departments, 12 of which are clinical ones. Clinical bases of the University are represented by 30 medical health care institutions, including 15 private clinics that are supplied with modern medical and diagnostic equipment.

The social infrastructure includes two dormitories for students, dental corpus, which is a base of a dental department and dental clinic “Dental Center “UNIVERSITETSKIY”, new modern campus on Boryspilska Street, 2.

At students’ disposal there a library with a funds of more than 55,000 copies and reading rooms as well. All students have unlimited access to the resources of the National Science Medical Library of Ukraine. The total area of facilities used for educational purposes is about 15,000 sq.m.

The University is recognized by the following organizations as: World Directory of Medical Schools, The Medical Board of California, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, General Medical Council, CGFMC International Global Credibility, Medical Council of India, Naczelna Izba Lekarska, Bologna Process, The Association of Medical Schools in Europe, European University Association, Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, British Medical Association, German Medical Association. Kyiv Medical University is enlisted on the international legal catalogues, including AVICENNA of WHO or the International Medical Education Catalogue (IMED) of USA.

The students and interns have the opportunity to undergo practical training at the Polish partner hospitals. Dental students are trained on the basis of their own corpus, where the dental center “Dental Center “UNIVERSITETSKIY” is located.

Such conditions create a closed cycle “training-practice-science”, which undoubtedly raises the level of competence and knowledge of students.


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