Renew Student Ticket

Required documents for replacement of the student card (if there are no required documents available, the procedure of replacement is NOT CONDUCTED):

• Application to the Rector, the documents from paragraphs 2-5 shall be added (download the template here)
• Receipt of payment (The amount of payment and bank account details you may learn at accounting department)
• Photo (size 3*4 -1 photo)
• A copy of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a copy of posvidka with the national passport*
• A copy of the advertisement in the newspaper (in case of loss, in accordance with the procedure for the replacement of state documents)

Template of advertisement in the newspaper or other printed mass media:

Lost student`s card, series____No._____________*,


• either PHEE «Kyiv Medical University of UAFM» (BEFORE 15.03.2017 date of issuance)
• or PHEE «KYIV MEDICAL UNIVERSITY» (AFTER 15.03.2017 date of issuance)

Full name or accordingly the passport or posvidka.

Come with all necessary documents to our USEDE department, which is located at:
Boryspilska St, 2 (room 404)


1. (While) Applying the copies of the documents for the replacement of the student card, It is obligatory to have the original documents.
2. The series and number of the student card you may learn at the dean’s office.

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