Professional English for Healthсare Workers is the unique grant program that was won and being implemented by our University as part of popularization of professional medical English as a universal language of international communication of the world medical community.

The program is based on the Intercultural Language Center of Kyiv Medical University.


U.S. Department of State

U.S. Embassy in Kyiv

American Councils

America House

Leading professors and scientists of the world medical community:

Georgia State University (USA)

St. Catherine University (USA)

• Kyiv Medical University (Ukraine)

Students, interns, doctors, teachers, and scientists

• Professional medical English knowledge and practical skills

• Certificate about passing the program

• Access to all resources of the program

Both language and professional. After successful completion of studies, you will be able to:

1. Fluently communicate (writing and speech) and use vocabulary and language structures that are related to specific spheres of Healthcare

2. Correctly use both English and Latin medical terminology

3. Accurately use terminology when describing syndromes, symptoms, treatment algorithms, and principles of communication within the professional sphere

4. Effectively use professional English in scientific research and published works in accordance with the principals of evidence-based medicine and academic integrity

5. Effectively use medical terminology during professional communications, preparation of medical records, and daily professional activity

• Passing the KROK exam

• Speeches at the international conferences and platforms

• Teaching medical disciplines

• Writing articles on professional topics in English

• Learning from english scientific and journalistic medical sources

• Negotiations on professional topics in English

• More than 25 years of professional training experience

• The program has Speaking Club with native speakers

• International quality of the program

• Flexible education system

English level B1

With the use of interactive teaching methods:

• Online (remotely on Canvas international educational platform with coordination support for teachers)

• Offline (10-people groups)

• Mix (50% – remotely, 50% – 10-people groups)

The program consists of 2 parts, each of which has 9 modules. The duration of the program is 180 hours (6 credits). According to the results of each passed part of the program, you will get the certificate

The price of 1 block for KMU students and interns:
Online – 3000 UAH
Offline – 5000 UAH
Mix – 4000 UAH

The price of 1 block for everyone else:
Online – 4000 UAH
Offline – 8000 UAH
Mix – 6000 UAH

1. Fill out the application form

2. Pass the online test to determine your current English level

3. Choose your form of studying

4. Pay for the program in accordance with bank details

5. Receive the schedule information

The program starts in September, 2021.

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