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Methodology, evidence based practice and scientific research in the Medical field.

Lecturer: Charifa Zemouri is a PhD-candidate in infectious diseases and public health at the Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Vrije Universiteit (VU), The Netherlands. Her PhD thesis is about the potential hazards of aerosols generated by dental unit hand pieces and water biofilms in dental unit water lines.

Ms Zemouri has previously conducted work for the World Health Organization on the validation of the syndromic approach for Sexually Transmitted Infections, conducted research on vaccination, occupational health in The Netherlands and contributes to chapters of medical books of Elsevier Brazil and Italy. She is currently an expert panel member on European task force on Oral and Systemic health and resilience.

Ms Zemouri has developed her scientific knowledge on methodology and conducting systematic reviews, and would like to proceed in sharing her knowledge and experience worldwide.