Лікарями не народжуються - ними стають в КМУ! | NO ONE IS BORN A DOCTOR! BECOME ONE AT KMU!

List of documents required

The intact for 2017/2018 academic years starts from June and till 1st November.

The student has to submit the following documents to the University on the arrival to Ukraine:

1.      Original (and Copy) School Certificate with the subjects and grades.

2.      Medical Certificate issued by the Department of Health in the student’s Country at least two months prior to the student’s arrival to Ukraine.

3.      Original (and Copy) of Birth Certificate.

4.      Original of Invitation Letter.

5.      Passport and one photo copy (front page and page with Ukrainian visa issued by the Ukrainian Embassy).

6.      12 photos, size 3,5×4,5, matte.

Documents under pp. 1,2,3,5 should be translated into Ukrainian and legalized by the Ukrainian Embassy in your country.

Please make sure before leaving your country all above said documents should be along with you on arrival while entering Ukraine.

The documents are be legalized in a way legally provided in home country of the applicant unless otherwise stipulated by international laws.