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Intake of foreign students 2019

There are two intact during 2019. The first one, in winter, starts on 9th January till 1st March, the second – on 1st June and till 1st November.

The University provides admission for such major faculties as General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy either in Russian or English medium. In winter we admit on the General Medicine in English medium only.

The first step for a foreign student is to get an invitation from the University for study by submitting to the International Department by e-mail: the scan copies of:

• Passport first page; school certificate with subjects (attention: availability of such subjects as Biology and Chemistry are mandatory);
• Consent to personal data collection and processing [download];
• Application for the name of Rector [download];
• National Eligibility Entrance Test – NEET quality certificate (applicable for Indian nationals only).

Once a student has got the positive reply from the University by the results of study of documents supplied by the candidate as for admission, the next step is to take care of the visa type “D”.

After receiving the visa in diplomatic or consular establishment of Ukraine in the country of residence of the student, it is time to have a trip to Kyiv.

A student has to submit the following documents to the University on the arrival:

1. Original (and Copy) School Certificate with the subjects and grades;
2. Medical Certificate issued by the Department of Health in the student’s Country at least two months prior to the student’s arrival to Ukraine;
3. Original (and Copy) of Birth Certificate;
4. Original of Invitation Letter;
5. Passport and one photo copy (front page and page with Ukrainian visa issued by Ukrainian Embassy);
6. 12 photos, size 3,5 x 4,5, matte.

Documents under pp. 1, 2, 3, 5 should be translated into Ukrainian and legalized by the Ukrainian Embassy in the country. The documents are be legalized in a way legally provided in home country of the applicant unless otherwise stipulated by international laws.

By an arrival a student reaches the International Department of the University where the procedure of registration starts. It includes studying by the stuff the documents mentioned above. Completion by the candidate every application forms for the name of the Rector, including a draft of the contract between the student and the University on educational service. In the same time foreign citizen passes two writing tests – language (English or Russian) and chemistry. Once the whole process completes successfully, the Order of admission comes and candidate becomes the bonafide student of the University.

The International Department contact details:
Boryspilska St, 2, office 321
Phone number: +38 (044) 567-29-29, +38(050) 428-81-00

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