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Celebration of Maslenitsa with the Department of Children’s diseases


The festival of Maslenitsa celebrated by foreign students of 5th year with the Department of Children’s diseases on 27th February.
Maslenitsa –  Traditional Sun festival celebrated in UKRAINE, which means the end of winter and also called religious 'folk' holiday.

Maslenitsa celebrated in the last week before spring.
During the week of Maslenitsa, meat is already forbidden to Orthodox Christian.

The most characteristic food of Maslenitsa is "BLINY"- usually called pan cakes. This year on 27th February, we are the students from different countries (India, Turkey, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana) and Lectures from Department of Children’s diseases gathered together to celebrate Maslenitsa.

We shared well prepared traditional Bliny with each other which  were prepared by our Lectures from the Department of Children’s diseases. A Special master-class conducted by Lectures for us on preparation of dolls-guardians. We got this dolls-guardians as a gift.

Apart from Bliny, we prepared sweets corresponding to their countries, "sign of exchanging love" among us.
It was absolutely new for us, and we celebrated it with pleasure along with our Lectures.

Students of 5th year,  group 1009.